Frequently Asked Questions

Employment questions:

What positions are available?

For first-time employees, we generally place you as a count person to physically count the parts and record the quantities on paper. You will be working in teams of two, one person counting, the other writing. You may decide with your partner who will count and who will write.

We also offer verifying positions. These people pick up the count sheets, check them for accuracy, and research any errors.

Lastly, we have keypunching or data entry positions. A keypuncher enters the inventory quantities from the count sheets into the dealership’s computer system.

Whom do I contact to get a position?

Julia Proctor will be handling all of the scheduling for our inventories and she can be reached at (855)471-7500 or at

Do I need to fill out an application?

We do not require an application at this time. You just need to call or email Julia.

Do I need experience?

It is helpful to have parts experience, but not necessary. We will provide written and oral instruction at the job site prior to beginning the inventory.

What are the days/hours that I will be working?

Jobs are on Saturday or Sunday and begin at 8 am and last until 5 pm. Sometimes we need people to work on Monday. We will try to ask you if you are available as early as we know that we need someone.

How do I know if there is a space for me to work?

Contact Julia at least one week before the scheduled inventory to request that you be put on the employee list. She will try to find a space for you. Sometimes more people will request a space than what is available. If this happens, she will try to place you in a future inventory. She usually employs those with seniority first, but will try to leave a limited number of spaces for newer employees. Sometimes it does not always work out, so we apologize in advance if there are misunderstandings. (We have 200 people available and some weeks need only 20 people.)

Where do I get the address to the dealership where I want to work?

When Julia confirms that you will have a space at the inventory, she will give you the dealership address and directions.

What if I forget when/where I am to work or I won’t be able to make it?

Julia will call you to confirm your availability normally two days before the inventory on Thursday. She will give you any information you need. If you know you will be unable to make it to the inventory, please call Julia as soon as possible so that she can find a replacement for you.

Wage questions:

How/when do I get paid?

You will get paid as soon as the job is completed and presented to the owner, which could be a week or two from when you work depending on the time it takes to finish the inventory and schedule the presentation. Sometimes you will receive a check from Custom Inventory Services, but often the dealership will mail it to you, as they receive a discount from us for doing payroll.

How much do I make?

We start at $10.00/hr with annual raises and you are guaranteed 8 hours pay if the job finishes earlier than 5 pm unless we specify beforehand that it is not an 8 hour job. We do not pay time and a half for any hours over 8 that you have worked.

What identification documents should I bring to the job site?

Please bring your state-issued ID card (or other acceptable document-see I9 form) and Social Security card (or other acceptable document-see I9 form) the first day you work. You will fill out an I9 form (work authorization for employment in the United States) and W4 form (federal income tax withholding). You may also download and print the documents here, fill out the employee information and bring them in with you. Please do not forget to bring your identity and employment eligibility documents with you or we may refuse to let you work.

Click here to downloadable copy of the I9 form.
Click here to downloadable copy of the W4 form.

Job site questions:

Do you provide transportation to the job sites or hotel accommodations?

We do not provide transportation or hotel accommodations, but often employees will commute together and share transportation and hotel costs.

Can I bring a family member/friend with me or send them in my place?

Please do not bring anyone with you or send anyone in your place without first contacting Julia to let her know your situation. She may have other people ahead of you that can work and she will inform you whom you may bring.

Will I get a meal break?

You will receive a 15 minute break at 10 am as well as a one hour lunch that you provide from 12 pm-1 pm. You may leave the dealership at lunch to purchase a meal.

What should I bring with me?

You may want to bring a folding chair or small step ladder and a small table (i.e. a TV tray) as we do not provide these. We do provide pencils and clipboards for you.

Who is my supervisor?

Any questions pertaining to your position while on the job should be directed to Darrel Harbin, president of Custom Inventory Services. If he is unavailable, please be sure to ask another of Custom Inventory Services' employees, as the employees of the dealership are not knowledgeable in our procedures. For example, if you are injured, let our employees know as opposed to the dealership employees and we will take the appropriate measures.